Cannabidiol: The side of marijuana you don’t know

Cannabidiol: The side of marijuana you don't know If there's a marijuana-related compound you've heard of, it's likely Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is what makes you high and the reason most recreational users partake. What most don't know is the medicinal value of the plant comes mostly...

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marijuana epilepsy treatment

Epilepsy Foundation supports Marijuana

Epilepsy Foundation strongly supporting medical marijuana The Epilepsy Foundation has strongly endorsed medical marijuana as a treatment option for the seizures that strike 2.3 million Americans, and has called on the federal government to change how it classifies pot. “The Epilepsy Foundation believes that the end of...

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Westword Top Ten Concentrates of 2013

William Breathes, the Westword dispensary critic, named our Golden Goat Shatter one of his top ten concentrates of 2013! The key to making amazing concentrates is not only in the extraction process, but the flower that you use. Our connoisseur grade marijuana is bursting with flavor and...

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Westword Ten Dankest Strains of 2013

William Breathes, the Westword dispensary critic, named our Bubblegum one of his top ten favorite strains of 2013! It is always nice to get noticed for the hard work we put into our medicine. It was easily some of the best Bubblegum I've seen...

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Marijuana legalization gaining traction across the world.

In a former colonial mansion in Jamaica, politicians huddle to discuss trying to ease marijuana laws in the land of the late reggae musician and cannabis evangelist Bob Marley. In Morocco, one of the world's top producers of the concentrated pot known as hashish, two...

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