Dispensary Reviews!

It is always nice to be recognized and applauded for the hard work you. Recently we received some great dispensary reviews on the site, Weed Maps.

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Simply the Best

“Top notch in every way. Clean and comfortable atmosphere. Friendly and extremely knowledgeable budtenders who take a genuine interest in their patients. The medicine is always outstanding. All elements are present: smell, taste, burn and potency are all excellent and strain distinctive. The edible selection is very solid and they will try to fill requests when possible. I made them my caregiver and have never regretted that decision. I drive here from Greeley, which is 100 mile round trip, and I never have any regrets about doing that, either.”

Damn, damn, damn!

“Good people, really really good product. Though I am mostly into shatter, wax and edibles, their Jilly ’13 bud was/is the sh*t!! … I’m switching over for sure, because they blow my current caregiver out of the water in terms of what you get for your money…. But definitely check them out.”

Found It!

“I don’t give out stars lightly. I’ve been to probably 30~40 different dispensaries since being licensed. I almost always use weed maps, but haven’t registered to review anything yet. I had to do so, just to be able to review this place. I’ll just go through the categories.

The atmosphere is fantastic. I am welcomed in, offered coffee or a drink, and all of the decor is clean, well-maintained, and just plain relaxing. I was up early and got there before they were officially open, and they still let me in to hang and chill on some coffee while they set up. Inside, it’s relaxed and well-decorated, but not so done-up that you get the feeling you’re paying for all the ridiculous unnecessary stuff they have to make their shop look slick (like the x-ray light board down the street at greenest green, that sure makes the shatter look neat and shiny but doesn’t mean it’s any better quality or that id I’ll be willing to pay $50 a gram haha anyways…) Very WHOLESOME atmosphere.

The staff have all been just some of the best I’ve ever met. I’ve chatted up a lot of bud tenders in the time I’ve had my license, and as a grower myself, I often have advanced questions that are often left unanswered by bud tenders with a serious gap in basic knowledge. Both times I visited here I hit it off with the bud tenders who were obviously very knowledgeable about everything from seed to harvest and beyond.

Accessibility is super easy, it’s right on Arapahoe haha.

Price? 5/5. This is what really hooked me. I am from Fort Collins and drive to boulder/denver for dispensaries because everything here is unacceptably priced. $24 gram of Girl Scout Cookies budder that tasted so nice…That’s first time visit member pricing, regular is $30 which I would have gladly paid. Traveler discount though for me, works out to $24 without being a member…that sure helps on gas for the 70 mile drive.

Bud quality? Excellent. They have a lower amount of strains which I find often is better. Places that grow a ridiculous amount of variety aren’t able to refine production practices to strain-specific preferences for maximum quality. Their bud tender I liked so much pulled out one of my all time favorites when I just said hey impress me. Jilly Bean! A prime example too. I’ve also sampled their Girl Scout Cookies, and they were right on point.

Boulder Wellness… I’m so glad I found you! See you soon.”