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Top 10 Movie Pot Scenes

Marijuana use in movies, for the most part, has always been funny and socially acceptable. Here is our favorite top 10 movie pot scenes of all time.


The iconic 80’s stoner, Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn), smacks his head with a shoe to demonstrate how stoned he is. “I’m SO wasted!”. Mr. Hand would not be pleased Mr. Spicoli.


#9 True Romance – “Floyd”

Although Brad Pitt doesn’t smoke anymore, he was at one point a pretty big stoner. In True Romance, Brad plays the stoner roomate “Floyd” and his interactions with mobsters (including James Gadolfini) are hilarious.


#8 History of the World part 1 – “Mighty JOint”

In this classic movie from Mel Brooks, our protagonists use a very large joint as a smoke screen to aid in their escape from the Romans. Watching Gregory Hines create a massive joint is laugh out loud funny.


#7 Platoon – “The Underworld”


From the Academy Award winning film, Platoon, Charlie Sheen’s character descends into the “The Underworld”. A metaphor perhaps for escaping the harsh realities of war.


#6 Dewey Cox – “WE’RE SMOKIN’ REEFER!”

Tim Meadows tries to convince John C. Reilly’s Dewey Cox not to try reefer, but somehow his argument proves unpersuasive. Possibly because his reasons are a list of every great thing about weed. It’s one of the funniest weed moments in cinema – and one of the few funny scenes in this tired film.



The fine art of handing out a freeway speeding ticket gets a hilariously funny twist added to it, in this 2001 film, that was written and performed by the comedy troupe, Broken Lizard. The first 10 minutes of the movie has some of the funniest scenes that I have ever watched and that alone is reason enough to watch this flick.



Released in 1995, this hilarious film about a typical day of two youths in South Central, depicts the reality of growing up in the hood without all the shoot-em gang banging found in most films about inner city life. Ice Cube’s character Craig gets fired from his job and Smokey, played by Chris Tucker, influences him to get high for the first time. Hi-jinx ensue.



It’s the last day of school, the summer of 1976 is here, and a bunch of seniors are pondering their future while they get ready to thrash the underclassmen. The film’s stoner of all stoners, pontificates on George Washington’s love of hemp and his wife Martha ready with a packed bowl.


#2 Caddyshack – “Cannonball!”

It’s the giant joint that makes this classic scene. That and Bill Murray’s slightly slow character detailing his masterpiece: golfcourse grass that will get you high.


#1 Cheech & Chong – Up in Smoke

This 1978 film should top all stoners lists and it can be considered the “Holy Grail”, of Stoner films. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong make their film debut as acclaimed potheads in this rock-n-roll comedy classic. Probably the most iconic pot scene in any movie. Cheech picks up a hitchhiking Chong and they proceed to smoke the biggest joint ever. Watch while high and you will laugh your butt off. A classic!